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University of Saint Joseph


Create a compelling enrollment strategy, media-driven campaign and internal drive for the University of Saint Joseph. As a women’s university, the University of Saint Joseph needed to drive a broader awareness to the unique programs, faculty involvement and student culture that defined its true voice and scale.



A comprehensive set of interviews with key stakeholders, factually and students gave us an opportunity to see the rich culture of education and community at the University. Each young woman we spoke with described her experience as embracing, empowering and connected. We developed the “I WILL” campaign as a rallying cry that allowed the individual to complete the sentence, the University to add scale and voice and the faculty to embrace the empowerment of their students. Our media plan was carefully targeted to gain maximum exposure and ran from 2013 to a current scaled plan. We employed a rich TV, digital, social, outdoor and non-traditional plan that gained results in each medium.




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