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University of Maine


Develop an Enrollment and Branding Strategy that defines the academic potential as well as the culture, voice and personality of the University of Maine. The University was often considered a “safe school” by local students and after researching the University’s branded awareness outside of the state, we saw that in all cases potential students were unaware of the scale of education, athletics, culture and community that were available. The University needed not only to raise awareness but also exceed prior attempts to gain solid inquires, strong academic awareness and committed enrollment.



After a series of qualitative interviews with stakeholders, faculty & staff and student leadership, as well as immersing ourselves in UMAINE’s culture and community, we set out to develop a compelling message and enrollment strategy that offered reach, response and return from potential students. “Define Tomorrow” became an anthem that embraced the current UMAINE branding and accelerated it with a carefully planned regional media plan and campaign that included TV, radio, print, outdoor and digital. The style and design are confident and bold embrace the student culture and shinning a bright light on academic opportunity. Our campaign is currently running for the 2016-2017 marketing calendar. Current results below:





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